Saturday, June 26, 2010

Copy This Look (Part 2)

Have you ever wanted to dress like a famous celebrity or copy her look? Well most celebrity clothes worth more than USD$500!! However Roupa had manage to put up few clothes (pre-loved item) that is almost similar to what a celebrity was wearing :)
And you know what? it will only cost you a fraction of what the celebrity had paid.


Pre-loved item No: PR09 ,has the same style and colour to what Charlize Theron is wearing.


Roupa is selling a dress which is almost similar to what she is wearing.
Pre-Loved item No.PR02


Love what Hayden is wearing? Pre-Loved item No. PR08
look 89% exactly like this :)


Here's another red carpet look that you can copy without putting a hole in your pocket.
Just purchase our Pre-Loved item No.PR11 and pair it with a cute heels, Wala! and you are as stylish as Jennifer Love Hewitt


Roupa's Pre-loved item No. PR01 is all you need to get this sophisticated Blake Lively's look.


A simple LBD like Angelina Jolie could cost up to USD$1000, but here in Roupa you can get almost similar LBD (Pre-loved item No. PR01) for only RM40

so check out the lates section, (PRE-LOVED SECTION) now!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pre- Loved Item

This category is selling pre-loved item or better known as 2nd hand clothes.
The clothes are basically worn only once or twice, so i can guarantee you that the clothes is in good conditions. and some of them is actually brand new. Roupa is selling them at a cheaper cost compare to the original price :D
So feel free to browse through all the pre-loved clothes and don't forget to send us an email if you are interested to any of them. Bubye

xoxo, Roupa

Metallic Red Halter neck top
(Free Size)
( available in dark bluish-green)

Little Black Dress
RM 60
Free size
(Fit size S or M)

Simple LBD
size : S

Cheongsam Top in Blue
RM 45

Summer dress (halter neck)
Free size
(fit size S and M)

Cute chiffon dress
Brand: Nichii
size S

Babydoll metallic top
size: free size
(Fit size S and M)

Formal sophisticated Purple dress
Size: S (could fit in M-size)
Brand: Porgie

Formal sweet Purple dress
Size: S (could fit in M-size)

Almost vintage-inspired dress
Brand: Porgie
Size: M

Elegant green dress
Size: free size (fit size S and M)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Free delivery to Unirazak KK and Donggongon Town

One Piece Formal Dress
Code: 0013
Size: Free size
Color: white& brown
Materials: Cotton

Summer Floral Top (A)
Code: 0014
Size: Free size
Color: Peach
Materials: Cotton
(free white inner singlet)

Summer Floral Top (B)
Code: 0015
Size: Free size
Color: pink
Materials: Cotton
(free white inner singlet)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lace and Floral to perk up your summer

New Arrivals!!!!!!!
Free delivery to Donggongon town and Unirazak KK regional centre

Sold out
Vintage One Piece Floral Dress
Code: 0011
Size: Free size ( fit S-L)
Color: brown, black
Materials: Cotton

Rose Design Singlet
Code: 0010
Size: Free size ( slim fit)
Color: black
Materials: Cotton

Lace Lace Lace Lace Lace Lace
Work those fashion like the rockstars

Sweet Korea Laced Long Sleeves Top
(tube top not included)
Code: 0009
Size: Free size
Color: black
Materials: Lace

Elegant PrincessLace Dress
Code: 0012
Size: Free size
Color: black,white
Materials: Lace with internal cotton lining)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Copy This Look


Copy this lookwith a twist by buying our chiffon floral dress and waist belt to accentuates
your beautiful curves


Pairing our black or gray tinsel skirt with our long sleeve studded blouse will
make you look elegant and professional


Denim are the current trends even stars like Ciara wear it.
Get our stylish denim dress with free studded jacket at this instant.

Copy this looks at a fraction of a cost. You don't need to spend as much money as them. Get them now in Roupa :)
Now you can order right away from Roupa!

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